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I wish I could give RM Rolling Shutters a 10-star review (only goes to 5). These folks and their product are AWESOME. Not only are they very knowledgeable, professional and caring about any little question, the manufacturer is too (Alpha Motors).

We live on a ranch with windows that are over 9 feet wide and face the mountains. A LOT of wind! We chose the metal rolling shutters but I did not want to give up the light, so we selected those that have small holes that let in the light when not completely closed. The further away from them you are, you can still see out, pretty neat.

Folks that sell conventional cellular shades, which we considered; pointed out that they would sag in time or have to have multiples for each window. In the country flies/moths are an issue, there would be staining eventually that would not be coming out of a cellular and would require replacement (not cheap).

They rolling shutters were installed in time for the 100+ mph winds that fueled the Marshall fire and they performed perfectly.

Since they have been installed, we have noticed a decrease in birds crashing into the windows, that our windows cleaner, protected and most importantly; we are loving getting our utility bill summary each month showing how much energy savings we have this year over last.

Not least is the AWESOME wireless feature we selected. We have an app and the ability to schedule the opening and closing of the blinds or shutting them wirelessly when we are away, in case of an afternoon mountain storm. I had an operator error setting it up and Alpha Motors (Thanks Dwayne) was very responsive and had me fixed up in minutes.

If you want old fashioned REAL service and a quality product, this is the place to go. They are worth every cent.

Chuck was right, once I got the back of the house done, I would be wanting to do the rest. Brian has already taken the measurements.

THANKS to the Rocky Mountain Rolling Shutter team and Alpha motors!

Laura L.